The leader of the anti-vaccinators, a cardiologist, was summoned to "carpet"

The Medical Association of Athens summoned to the disciplinary council Dr. Faidon Vovolis, who recently organized a rally against compulsory vaccination, which, I must say, was a success and with the participation of thousands of people.

Probably the Panhellenic Medical Association will decide to temporarily suspend the medical practice of the doctor, because, as mentioned in the letter, because of his behavior and actions “there is a risk and need to protect public health.” The disciplinary committee is reported to meet next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Who is Faidon Vovolis?
The leader of the movement “Again for Freedom” Faidon Vovolis is the organizer of rallies against compulsory vaccinations against coronavirus. A cardiologist, who has his clinic in Kifissia, in his posts on Facebook, accuses the government of trying to forcibly vaccinate the whole world and organized a demonstration of anti-vaccinators on Syntagma, during which, as the photos show, participants did not keep their distance, and the wearing of masks was minimal. Anti-vaccines held Greek flags, banners and icons with the face of the Virgin Mary, according to

The assembled people resisted the police, pelting the guards with stones, flares and Molotov cocktails. As a result, there were 25 arrests and 4 arrests.

Faidon Vovolis, in his posts on social networks, claims, among other things, that he is ignored by the media because of his “political views”. He recently accused the Holy Synod of being subordinate to the government (in relation to the coronavirus pandemic).

The doctor in his messages condemns the bawling “parrots” who urge everyone to get the vaccine, indiscriminately, and that he, who had been vaccinated, would never have done it now, since the pressure on people is beyond reason.

The doctor does not hesitate to state that the vaccines are experimental. But even if they were not, he would not be vaccinated again, because, as he states, “I am not at risk for either age or health reasons, and therefore I will not die from the coronavirus.” He compares the response to the pandemic to Nazism, referring to the “new Reich” and “sanitary apartheid”.

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