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Photo-facts of the crime on Folegandros

The pictures, which capture the moment the body of 26-year-old Garifalia was removed from the sea and rocks on Folegandros, a few hours after the murder by her 30-year-old partner, are shocking.

The video, published by SKAI TV, shows the first attempts by bathers and coast guard officers to rescue Garifallia’s lifeless body from the sea.

According to the TV channel, the first to find the body was an American tourist with his daughter. Forensic scientist Elias Bogiokas, who examined the body, stressed that if Garifallia had been discovered 10-15 minutes earlier, or if the recognized killer himself had given her first aid, then the girl would probably be alive today.

As the forensic expert said after examining the body of the murdered, it was established that the guy hit Garifalia and dragged her over the rocks, and then threw her into the sea, with which the killer’s lawyer fundamentally disagrees.

However, the medical examiner reiterated that the actual evidence of injuries on the girl’s body indicated that the victim was beaten and dragged to the rocks. Mr. Bogiokas told SKY TV that the girl had abrasions all over her body in various directions and injuries. She also had a wound on the back of her head that could have been fatal.

“Garifallia had abrasions on her upper limbs and on the back of her body, head injuries, possibly from a fist or a slap in the face. In addition, her back and head had deep abrasions from stones. She also had many abrasions (in different directions) on her buttocks. which means she was being dragged. “It wasn’t just a fall,” said the medical examiner.

Mr Bogiokas added that Garifalia was alive when the perpetrator threw her into the sea. However, her head injuries were so serious that with them she would not have been able to stay on the water. Therefore, she choked.

Regarding the personality of the man, it is reported that he was undergoing therapy, taking medications prescribed for him by a neuropathologist-psychotherapist. However, at some point, he abruptly stopped taking pills. Perhaps this provoked a fit of rage, which ended tragically for his girlfriend. The investigation is ongoing.

As “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, the Greek public is shocked confessions of a criminal, who killed his girlfriend in cold blood while vacationing on the island.

According to law enforcement agencies, the 30-year-old man confessed to the murder of Garifalia, the girl with whom he came to rest on the island. He was charged with premeditated murder.

It is known that the boy and the girl were countrymen, originally from the neighboring villages of Corinth, and maintained a relationship. Garifalia studied to be a pharmacist and has perfectly established herself in the circle of relatives and friends, as calm and decent.

In the last 24 hours, grief-stricken parents of Garifallia appeared on SKY, emphasizing, among other things, that their child should be the last one to lose his life in this way (due to his partner’s insane jealousy).

Recall that the girl’s body was found last Friday, and her friend, after several hours of searching, the police found on Saturday. The only thing that the young man, who seemed to be in a deranged state, said: “It was a ‘bad moment’ (‘κακιά στιγμή’).

Death of Garifallia on Folegandros
On 18/07, the causes of death of a young girl who died in a monstrous manner became known. According to the conclusion of the forensic medical examination, the death occurred as a result of drowning. According to forensic scientist Elias Bogiok, a young girl from Velo (Corinth) died after drowning in sea water, receiving serious injuries.

According to police sources, the body bore injuries from falling off a cliff (as if she had rolled head over heels over rocks before being in the sea).

According to the same information, she was alive when she fell into the sea. She either lost consciousness after falling into the water, or received injuries due to which she could not stay on the water, as a result of which she drowned.

Course of events
According to police sources, the 30-year-old had a constant fight with his girlfriend on that fateful day, Friday 16/7. According to the arrested person, “when the car pulled off the road and stopped on a 30-meter rocky slope, the girl got out of it. The satellite followed her and pushed her in the back. She hit rocks and fell into the sea. He also dived into the water to help , but when he found her unconscious, he left the scene. ” A criminal case has been opened against the man.

According to law enforcement agencies, when the police found the young man, he was in a bad psychological state, refused to surrender to the authorities, and when he was nevertheless detained, his speech was slurred, it was not clear what he was saying.

As “Russian Athens” previously wrote, the couple’s short vacation in Folegandros turned into a tragedy after the girl was pulled out of the water in the Ligaria area, and her boyfriend confessed to the murder of her friend. Relatives and friends of the unfortunate Garifalia cannot believe what happened, that their little girl died at the hands of a “not man”, a coward and a scoundrel.

The killer’s testimony

The offender claims that he dived after his companion to help her, but as soon as he realized that she was unconscious, he left the scene. That is, the killer threw her off a cliff, leaving her to drown, without providing assistance and without informing anyone (did not call the rescue services and did not call an ambulance).

The man makes provocative statements, claiming that his girlfriend recently humiliated and insulted him, and therefore they constantly quarreled. The last skirmish that occurred between them led to a tragedy.

The couple who were vacationing on the island, according to the main newsletter OPEN, realized that they had done it in vain, their relationship had become obsolete. Then the girl’s killer accused her of all grave sins, started a fight and pushed her off the cliff.

According to the SKAI channel, over the past three days, the couple, instead of enjoying a vacation among the beauties of nature, all the time “sorted out the relationship”, led fierce quarrels arising for minor reasons. Shortly before a man killed Garifallia by pushing her off a cliff, the two allegedly disagreed about their destination and whether they would go mountaineering or swimming.

In his testimony, according to law enforcement agencies, the killer stated that during a quarrel he accidentally hit the parking brake, as a result of which the car drove off the road and reached the edge of a cliff. Then, according to police, the frightened Garifalia got out of the car and they started fighting. The man pushed her, as a result of which the girl hit the sharp stones and ended up in the sea.

According to the main SKAI newsletter, the guy returned to the car, took his backpack, went down to the sea from another place and approached the girl. According to the accused, he saw his companion unconscious and left (recall, the forensic medical examination showed that she was alive when she fell off a cliff, and the cause of death was drowning). “It was a bad time,” says the killer.

The authorities are investigating the possibility that the guy deliberately drowned the girl, seeing that she was unconscious, pushing her off the land into the sea. According to the police, the killer wore swimming trunks in different parts of the island and after 28 hours he found himself in another part of the same beach, in a small cave, where he was later found.

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