India: newborn with three heads attracted crowds of pilgrims

The three-headed baby was born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on July 12. He was considered the embodiment of God, and crowds of pilgrims besiege the house where the family lives.

The baby feels good, as does the mother throughout the pregnancy, reports DailyStar. The “extra” heads are located behind the “normal” ones, and hairs are already growing on them. Parents do not yet know what will happen next with their baby, and just enjoy communicating with a new family member. And everything would be fine, but the house is literally besieged by pilgrims – they are sure that the baby is God’s messenger.

For those who have forgotten – in Hinduism there is the concept of Trimurti. This is a triad that unites 3 main deities of the Hindu pantheon into a single whole – Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Guardian and Shiva the Destroyer. Often Trimurti is depicted as three gods with fused bodies. And on some sculptures, Trimurti looks very much like a baby born in Uttar Pradesh – like three heads on one body. Maybe a messenger of God was really born?

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