The vaccine injection site attracts metal objects

We’ve all seen vaccinated people surprised that, after an injection, they can place various metal objects on their vaccinated arm (from coins to nail clippers and scissors!), They get magnetized and don’t fall! The internet is full of these videos. The answer was given by a specialist, cardiologist Konstantinos Arvanitis, who expressed his opinion on this matter.

“The attempts to explain this phenomenon, undertaken by various experts, are one of the most ridiculous. That, on the one hand, the φ-fatty acids of the skin are to blame, and on the other, the tilt of the arm! That is, just a trick,” sleight of hand and no fraud. “

Like any person, I have fatty acids on my skin. No matter what metal object I touch, nothing sticks. Even the smallest and lightest coin in existence, ”says the doctor, calling the news“ fake ”.

At the Russian center of Gamaleya, scientists, who were also asked the same question, explained the magnetisation of the metal to the vaccination site. And here’s what they think about this.

“The magnetisation of metal to the vaccination site is not related to the theory of chipping, it is due to electricity in the human body. Videos have appeared on social networks in which people apply coins to the vaccine injection site, while the metal sticks to the body. Butenko, some people have the ability to hold metal objects.

People can put ten to twenty coins on their skin, and they stick well. Some have the ability to hold metal spoons or knives in the chest area. This phenomenon can be very developed, in some to a lesser extent, in others to a greater extent. There is no surprise in this, ”said the virologist.

The specialist explained that an important element of the activity of the nervous system and human organs is electricity. The ability to attract metals can be explained by this. A vaccine, on the other hand, cannot contain “digital equipment”.

“What is a vaccine? It is just a liquid containing coronavirus antigens and nothing else <...>, it’s just a fantasy in people, ”said Butenko.

Earlier, Alexander Butenko said that coronavirus infection after vaccination can occur if a person was vaccinated while already being infected. According to the virologist, some people are immune to vaccines, which is why they do not form antibodies.

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