June 10, 2023

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Anti-vaccines organized a protest

A protest rally against vaccinations and anti-coronavirus measures took place this afternoon in Thessaloniki in front of a statue of Alexander the Great, at a time when cases of infection and sewage show an increase in viral load.

According to GrTimes, dozens of masked citizens, despite the crowds, gathered today on the beach of Thessaloniki, protesting against the operation to “destroy” human rights, but also for an “invisible attack”.

According to the Festival, “Admiral Papantoniou”, known for his intransigent position on the Internet, spoke at the rally, talking about an unconstitutional government and an occupied state. The activist said that “the story of the coronavirus was fabricated,” and that “doctors do not keep the Hippocratic oath,” while noting that “the world’s governments are not interested in people’s health.”

This opinion was expressed publicly, despite the fact that all studies “converge” on the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Rise in viral load in Thessaloniki
At the same time, experts are sounding the alarm about the gradual increase in viral load, as shown by studies carried out by the Wastewater Epidemiology Group of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in collaboration with EYATH, in collaboration with the Central Macedonian region and EODY’s national health services.

The number of cases is again in three digits
Over the past 24 hours, 117 new cases have been reported in Thessaloniki. The last time such a three-digit number was recorded on June 8 (126 cases of covid, in total).

Anti-vaccines call for rallies at Syntagma, Thessaloniki, Serres
However, opponents of the vaccine do not seem to share the experts’ point of view and, in fact, are calling people for new protest rallies, which will take place on 14/07 in Thessaloniki and Serres, as well as in Athens.

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