Scammers are on the alert – fake certificates are gaining momentum

Just 9 days after the introduction of certificates of the absence of coronavirus, the network was flooded with their fakes. In the Telegram messenger, it is not only easy to draw up a document, but you can also buy vaccines.

According to Euronews, on the Darknet one can contact the providers of such services and pay for them in cryptocurrency. In Italy, for example, 10 schemes have already been disclosed. Gianluca Berruti, head of Milan’s cyber fraud division, who runs the operation, says:

“Through the Internet and through these channels, you can sell various things and documents all over the world. Fake passports and vaccines are available not only in the European Union, but also in other places, for example, in Switzerland, USA, UK. We found them also in New Zealand and distant countries. Not only people who sell fake certificates, but also those who try to use them bear great responsibility. “

Prices are quite affordable for those wishing to circumvent the law – 100-150 euros, the cost varies depending on the package. It often contains a certificate and doses of the vaccine. Approximately 250,000 users have registered to receive such services, and about 100 have tried to contact sellers directly. Orders were made not only from the EU, but also from outside it.

The police service of the European Union claims that scammers are perfectly adapting to the situation during a pandemic. For example, they quickly mastered the technique of faking negative test results for COVID-19. Throughout the EU, law enforcement agencies are actively supported by Europol – the joint struggle against counterfeiters, hackers, and bank data thieves is bearing tangible results.

EU internal affairs agencies warn that criminals create high-quality documents, aided by high-tech tools – special computer programs and high-definition printers. Even border control is not always so well equipped.

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