Coronavirus outbreak in children’s summer camps in Chania and Halkidiki

An outbreak of coronavirus with dozens of infected children in Chania and Halkidiki prompted Greek health authorities on Friday. Two children’s summer camps were affected – in Chania, west Crete, and in Halkidiki, Central Macedonia.

Camp in Chania shut down after over 30 children tested positive for Covid-19. The camp opened on July 1 and hosted 220 children aged 6 to 16.

According to, competent persons made a decision to close the camp today, Friday. In recent days, some media outlets have published scandalous information: more than 30 confirmed cases of Covid infection have been found in a camp where more than 200 minors are resting.

After the decision was made, the parents rush to take their children home, some of them did it yesterday. All of them are outraged by the outbreak of coronavirus in the children’s camp.

Now the camp will only be able to open on July 15th. All children will be accepted on vacation only if they have negative rapid tests, and visits will be excluded, in order to avoid the introduction of the virus from the outside and a repetition of the current situation.

However, not all parents have taken their children and the EODY team is due to arrive at the camp on Saturday morning.

At least 14 children aged 13-17 tested positive for Covid-19 at a second shift summer camp in Halkidiki also on Friday. According to local media, children from Halkidiki, Thessaloniki and regions of central Greece live in the camp.

Authorities reportedly began the tracking process as soon as the tests came back positive. Six tents were evacuated, which housed 13 people.

The camp leaders note that they have taken all the necessary measures under the protocols and informed the health authorities and civil protection.

According to the latest information, health authorities are considering targeting mobile EODY and civil protection teams in all major summer camps in the country.

In the last ten days in Greece the growth of the infected has resumed. Experts already call this the 4th wave and associate it with Delta strain coronavirus.

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