Can you get infected from a vaccine? Specialist answers

It is impossible to get infected with COVID-19 during vaccination, the head of the Russian Red Cross answers the question of whether it is possible to catch coronavirus from vaccination.

However, the risk of infection remains before the formation of persistent immunity, when meeting with a carrier of covid. The competent opinion of the specialist Pavel Savchuk, the head of the organization, who spoke at the online webinar “The Whole Truth About Vaccination Against the New Coronavirus Infection. The Role of Non-Profit Organizations”, is quoted by RIA Novosti:

“You cannot get infected from the vaccine itself, since it does not contain the complete virus, the complete genetic material of the virus, the coronavirus infection. It contains some part of it, which just stimulates the production of our immunity.”

At the same time, the risk of infection with COVID-19, as the head of the Russian Red Cross clarified, remains until the final formation of immunity after vaccination.

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