4th wave: new security measures

The new security measures were announced on Tuesday July 6 by Nikos Hardalias, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, during an emergency briefing that followed a sharp increase in coronavirus cases.

Hardalias announced that from July 8 (Thursday) all bars, clubs and other entertainment venues would only be allowed to serve seated guests, and then spoke out for higher fines to be levied on owners who fail to comply with security protocols. According to him, if violations are found in nightclubs, the establishments will be fined 500 euros and closed for 7 days, a repeated violation will lead to higher fines, 10,000 euros and a closure for 15 days, and the third – to the closure of the establishment.

Learn more about fines for violators

For establishments with an area of ​​less than 200 square meters, a fine of 2,000 euros and an immediate suspension of work for 7 days are provided. For establishments with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters, a fine of 5,000 euros and an immediate suspension of work for 7 days. In the event of a repeated violation, a fine of EUR 10,000 will be imposed (regardless of size) and the castle will be valid for 15 days. In the event of a third violation, the license to operate is withdrawn.

Hardalias said that the cause of the new wave was the Delta strain, which is especially actively spreading among young people, and this happens in bars and clubs. “The delta mutation began to prevail, and the unvaccinated were in danger. Since last Monday, we have recorded a spike in new cases, which have nearly tripled. They have been found mainly in young people and mainly in recreational activities in clubs and bars, which contributes to the transmission of infection. “

Over the past 24 hours, hundreds of cases have been recorded, and after investigation it turned out that they appeared after visiting entertainment venues. It is noteworthy that in the southern sector of Athens, where 66% of cases fall at the age of 15-24, and in particular in the municipalities of Alimos and Glyfada, today, on Tuesday, there was a positive value of 6.1% and 8.4%, respectively.

Concern about delta mutation

Mr. Hardalias also mentioned Delta mutations, which threatens those citizens who have not been vaccinated. In particular, he said:

“As long as 40% of adults remain unvaccinated, the Delta mutation directly or indirectly threatens their health. Let me tell you another important fact: in the last quarter, we examined in detail the cases of hospitalizations and deaths in ICU due to COVID between the ages of 60-80. The conclusion suggests itself that in 99% of serious cases, which, unfortunately, are fatal, vaccination was not carried out.

This is why the call for a safe and free summer has three parts: Get vaccinated immediately, especially for young people. Protect your unvaccinated parents and elderly relatives by avoiding close contact with them during this time. Get tested regularly before and after every social activity. Tens of thousands of vaccination records will immediately appear for anyone who decides to get vaccinated now.

All young people aged 18-30 and all unvaccinated public and private sector workers are eligible for 4 self-tests in July, which can be obtained directly from pharmacies by 10 July. We emphasize that 60% of positive cases are detected through self-testing. Regular diagnosis is very important and should become a part of daily life, especially for those who have not yet completed their vaccinations. “

We previously reported that the state broadcaster ERT, shortly after the daily report from the health authorities, warned that “the 4th wave of the pandemic is approaching,” and “over the next hour, protection measures will be reviewed.”

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