Coolness after 10 days of suffocating heat

As of today, Saturday, July 3rd, the heat has finally subsided and the weather is cooling after the extremely high temperatures that have reigned in Greece over the past ten days.

In particular, today in Macedonia, Thrace, Sporades, Evia and on the islands of the North Aegean Sea, cloudiness is expected, in places rains and thunderstorms. By the evening the bad weather will “calm down”.

The rest of the country is generally forecast to be clear, with light overcast on the mainland (noon and afternoon). Showers are expected, mainly in the mountains.

The north / northwest wind will be from 3 to 5 Beaufort, and in some places it will reach 6 points at sea.

Detailed forecast of the National Meteorological Service for today July 3:


Weather: initially clear, however, cloudiness will gradually develop, and at noon and in the afternoon rain and thunderstorms in places.

Wind: north, from 3 to 4 Beaufort points.

Temperature: from + 24 ° С to + 33 ° С.


Weather: Cloudiness will gradually develop during cloudy weather, with occasional rain and thunderstorms. Improving the weather at night.

Wind: northwest, from 4 to 5 on the Beaufort scale with weakening in the afternoon.

Temperature: from + 24 ° С to + 32 ° С.

Sunday 4th of July

Clear weather is forecasted throughout the country, and only in the afternoon and after lunch in the eastern and northern parts of mainland Greece, it is cloudy, and in the mountains of eastern Macedonia and Thrace, it rains in places.

Variable wind: initially north-west direction from 3 to 5 points, and then changes to south-east up to 6 points on the Beaufort scale.

The temperature will rise slightly, in some places on the central and southern continents it will reach 36 ° С.

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