Thrown out into the street when her husband died

Fate turned its back on a 62-year-old woman from Kallithea, for whom the recent tragic death of her husband, with whom she shared most of her life, is no longer the only problem and cause for grief.

Effie Georgakaki in May, a few days after the death of a loved one from an incurable disease, was literally thrown into the street and now sleeps on a bench in the Athenian district of Kallithea.

The owner of the house evicted her when Effie, after the death of her husband, could not pay the rent. And this happened in the most dramatic way: she went to the KEP next door to make the necessary documents, and when she returned home, she found that the lock had been changed, and the message on the door urged her not to … open the door!

With all her possessions in the house, she was forced to live on the street for several days, having the bare minimum. Her problem has now worsened as she ran out of money, and she does not know not only where she will spend the night, but also what she will eat the next day …

The mother of two children, now young people, says that because of some incomprehensible, according to her, game of human psychosynthesis, her children, whom she has not seen for a long time, not only did not go to their father’s funeral, but they also do not want to deal with her at all.

Her neighbors first … tolerated her former neighbor sleeping on the steps of an apartment building, but eventually called the police, who forced her to leave. “I was told that you cannot sleep on the steps, just as you cannot sleep in the squares … Tell me what to do,” he tells us on camera. Temples in this area are unable, or unwilling, to offer shelter to a person in this situation.

Effie Georgakaki asks the authorities to give her the opportunity to at least temporarily live in the shelter, since in a few weeks the pension is expected to be paid to the widow to whom she is entitled, and then the 62-year-old woman will be able to rent a house and start looking for a job in order to ensure a decent life for herself.

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