Kallithea: explosion in the store

The fire broke out in two shops in Kallithea when unknown people planted an incendiary device on Dimosthenus Street early this morning, causing material damage to the infrastructure. According to the latest information, the attackers smashed the window of a donut shop and threw an explosive device into the premises. As a result, the fire […]

What do the heinous crimes of child murder and sulfuric acid attacks have in common?

What connects the criminals Rula Pispiriga and Efi Kakaranzula, who, having committed serious deeds, did not admit it? Something in common in two tragic stories that stirred up the Greek public, strange coincidences (are they?) in life Rula Pispirigouwho personally killed children, and Efi Kakaranzula, who broke her rival’s life by dousing her with sulfuric […]

Callithea: "hoods" attacked the bank

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, November 20-21, unidentified hooded men nearly smashed the bank, trying to smash the glass doors with hammers and sledgehammers. After the glass “stood”, they fired shots, but also to no avail. After an unsuccessful attempt to enter the bank premises, the criminals fled. According to law enforcement agencies, […]

A thief caught in Kallithea

A 19-year-old Albanian man was caught red-handed by DIAS police in Kallithea today, who is accused of violent theft and threats and insults against robbery victims. His accomplice, a foreigner, has also been identified and is being sought. Shortly before the arrest, the guy allegedly stole money from the cash register of one of the […]

Showdown in Kallithea over a girl

The Kallithea Police Department announced the arrest of two young men who challenged their girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, a 24-year-old local, to a “duel”. During the showdown, a 30-year-old man pulled out a pistol and fired, as a result of which the guy was seriously injured. According to the information, the defendant made an appointment with his […]

Attempted murder: accusation of a criminal who doused a rival with sulfuric acid

The 36-year-old woman who attacked Joanna on May 20, 2020 in Kalithea, appeared before the 1510/2021 Judicial Panel of the Athens Council of Administrative Offenses. The arrested woman is accused of attempted murder. Citing evidence from an investigation by the Security Service’s forensic laboratories, the prosecutor ruled that the perpetrator of the crime should be […]

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