Spain: shock and protests following the discovery of the body of a 6-year-old girl tied to an anchor

One of the two wanted little girls who were taken from their ex-wife by their father was found on the seabed. The police are still looking for the one-year-old baby.

The Spaniards were outraged and shocked by a terrible find – 2 days ago, six-year-old Olivia was found deep in the sea, tied to an anchor. The body of the murdered girl was in a backpack; rescuers found an anchor with it about 5 kilometers from the coast of Tenerife at a depth of 1 km.

The police were contacted by Beatrice Zimmerman, the mother of two sisters, who were taken away by her ex-husband Thomas Gimeno at the end of April. The woman told how the girls’ father called her and said that she would never see the children again. The youngest Anna is only 1 year old, and after a terrible find, her mother hopes only for a miracle – suddenly she will be found alive. Near the place where Olivia was found, rescuers found a similar bag, but it turned out to be empty. The search for the baby and the father, the main suspect, continues. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro S├ínchez tweeted:

“I can’t even imagine the pain of little Anna’s mother and little Olivia missing in Tenerife after the terrible news we just heard.”

Olivia and Anna went missing at the end of April, AFP reports, citing a police source. At the same time, Beatrice’s ex-husband Thomas Gimeno also disappeared, sending her a farewell message. The police said:

“Pending further forensic evidence, (the body) could almost certainly belong to Olivia.”

Reuters cites scary facts: since 2013, 39 minor children have been killed in Spain by their mother’s father or partner, former or current. This is evidenced by government data on gender-based crimes.

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