“The music played for a short time”, the silence did not last long – Israel attacked Hamas

And not a month had passed since the agreement reached between Israel and the Gaza Strip on a ceasefire, when on June 16 the situation escalated again.

Israeli fighters attacked Hamas military installations in the Gaza Strip in response to the launch of balloons with attached explosives from that side, TASS reports, citing the press service of the Israel Defense Forces. It is reported that the Israeli military “responsibility for any events occurring in the Gaza Strip, as well as for the consequences of their actions” assigned Hamas:

“The Israel Defense Forces is prepared for any scenario, including renewed hostilities, in response to ongoing terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip.”

Since the entry into force of the ceasefire on May 21, this is the first Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip in response to the actions of the radical group Hamas.

During the last escalation of the conflict between the two countries and the exchange of missile strikes, lasting 11 days, 12 people were killed in Israel, more than 50 were seriously injured, 230 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, including 65 children, more than 1.7 thousand were injured. human.

The escalation of the Arab-Israeli conflict that has been smoldering for decades began at a mosque in Jerusalem and rapidly entered a hot phase – with mutual shelling, violent pogroms and chaos. Arabs and Jews walked wall to wall, the crowds threw stones at each other. Meanwhile, children were dying on both sides.

On May 10, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad began a massive shelling of Israel – over three thousand rockets were fired at the country. In response, the Israeli army called in 5,000 reservists and launched airstrikes against targets in the Gaza Strip.

On the night of May 21, the bloodshed was stopped, from 02:00 it began to operate ceasefire between the participants in the aggravated conflict – Israel and the Gaza Strip.

In honor of the end of hostilities, fireworks erupted in the skies of the Gaza Strip – on the streets of Ramallah, people celebrated the “victory of the resistance,” TASS reported. Egypt’s proposed ceasefire initiative with Palestine was unanimously approved by the Israeli cabinet in a vote, the government’s press service officially announced.

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