November 30, 2023

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Germany: monthly 1200 euros every month … not at all

Among the inhabitants of Germany, there were 2 million who wanted to participate in an attractive experiment – every month to receive 1200 euros, moreover, tax-free. For three years! True, they chose only … 122 lucky ones.

An experimental program was launched on June 1, in which participants will receive € 1200 monthly. The experiment is designed for 3 years, says Deutsche Welle. Anyone could become a participant, regardless of status and income. However, out of more than 2 million applications, only 122 were approved.

The essence of the experiment, coordinated by the non-profit organization Mein Grundeinkommen eV, is to find out the changes that will take place in the lives of the project participants. To do this, you need to fill out 7 forms and report on the changes in your life on a regular basis. The organizers of the experiment, in particular, are interested in whether the chosen lucky ones will be more active in social work, pay more attention to charity, or prefer to aimlessly lead a “couch” lifestyle. Some will take hair samples to monitor changes in stress hormone levels. The project was financed by 150,000 private donors.

The organizers of the experiment expect to get answers to many questions, for example, how will the psychological state of people who no longer need to think about “their daily bread” will change, whether the costs of medical care and others will decrease.

A similar project was carried out earlier in Finland. There were significantly more lucky ones – 2000 unemployed. In the course of analyzing the data obtained, the researchers found that the participants in the experiment had increased self-esteem, confidence in the future, and confidence in government institutions. In Canada, they were also quite going to implement a similar project, but, having estimated its cost, they changed their minds. But in Germany, where the experiment is now being carried out, not a single large party supports the idea of ​​an unconditional basic income.

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