A Taste of Heaven for Drowned Migrants

In the south of Tunisia, a cemetery has officially opened, which is already half full. Here are the rest of the migrants who went in search of a better life, but they were not destined to achieve their goal.

The cemetery is intended for drowned migrants, whose bodies are sometimes mercifully and generously thrown ashore by the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the south of the country and is called the “African Garden”. Algerian artist Rashid Koraichi is responsible for the design. In 2018, he bought a plot of land for a cemetery near the Libyan border, in the Tunisian port of Zarjis. According to the artist, he wanted to give the lost migrants a taste of paradise:

This, alas, is not fiction. When you see what the sea is throwing ashore, what the sea currents bring here, you understand that this cemetery will very soon be completely filled.

Jarjis Mecca Mayor Lurrayed says:

Most of our young people also went by sea to Europe, so we also had losses – among the inhabitants of Zarjis. When we look at the graves of these migrants, we remember our children. We are doing the best we can, and we hope that after the opening of the cemetery we will discuss this problem with UNESCO, with international movements and especially with Europe.

Vicki is a Nigerian who is lucky enough to stay alive. The woman rescued from the shipwreck says:

Here many people lost their lives – they wanted to get to Europe, but could not do it. And now families are looking for them, not knowing that they are dead. Therefore, when I look at these graves, it is very hard and sad for me.

There are already more than 200 graves in the new cemetery, most of them unnamed. Often on the gravestones one can see only laconic information about the place where the body was found: “Woman, black dress, Hashani beach”.

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