Prescription doctor released on EUR 10,000 bail

The 62-year-old doctor, arrested last week on charges of illegally prescribing drugs for drug addicts, was released on restrictive terms and on bail after testifying to an investigator in Thessaloniki.

The doctor admitted that he wrote out prescriptions (sold for 20 euros / piece). An employee of the health care structure was prosecuted for drug trafficking as a doctor. Factual evidence is attached to the case file: illegally issued prescriptions for a period of more than two years using the AMKA of third parties.

The doctor himself, repenting for his deed, admitted in some cases of prescribing to patients in whom AMKA was used by relatives or friends (in whose name he agreed to prescribe the required medications).

“I did this not because of financial gain, but because of providing assistance (service) to patients who really need it,” the doctor said in his testimony, adding that “there is no need to exaggerate.” Regarding the 13 pills found in his home, he replied that they were “old drugs that expired 15 years ago” and which he was going to, but forgot to throw away or dispose of.

As a result, the prosecutor and the investigator decided to release the accused, subject to his personal appearance once a month at the police station at his place of residence, as well as a ban on leaving the country and the payment of a bail of 10,000 euros.

As a reminder, a doctor who conducted a private practice in Thessaloniki was arrested as a result of an investigation carried out by police officers of the Florina Department.

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