The snake started a panic in the cafeteria

The appearance of the snake, which, as it turned out, found a refuge in the flower bed of a catering establishment, came as a shock to the visitors.

The snake was found in a cafeteria located in the center of Heraklion in Serres. In particular, a reptile, which is probably a legless lizard (spindle), very similar to a snake, but completely harmless, suddenly crawled out of a flowerpot and wrapped itself around the plant, leaning out.

Visitors to the cafe were shocked because they did not know if she was poisonous and what she “intended to do next.” Some, surprised by the “unprecedented impudence” of the snake, watched it for some time, despite the fact that the reptile was very close.

As “” informs, other visitors of the cafe did not stand aside either. A certain daredevil, wearing protective gloves, caught a snake, carried it outside the cafeteria and released it into its natural habitat. Nevertheless, many visitors decided not to participate in “dangerous adventures” and simply left the catering establishment.

One client joked that after the snake is caught, “it will have to go through a self-test to find out if it is a carrier of the coronavirus.”

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