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The policeman leased the walkie-talkie to the robbers

The policeman rented a radio station SEPURA for 2,000 euros a month to an intermediary, and that for 3,000 euros to two Roma so that they could monitor police conversations and safely engage in robberies.

This unprecedented case was uncovered by the Greek Police Internal Investigation Service after an investigation began that unidentified persons were tapping a police channel. This cannot be done without a police radio.

The investigation revealed that a police officer serving at a police station in South-East Attica, after reporting the loss of the radio station, leased it to an intermediary for 2,000 euros a month. He, in turn, rented it to two gypsies, for 3000 euros per month. The Roma, as follows from the information of the prosecutor’s office, used it in their illegal activities in order to know when the police would react and have time to escape from the crime scene. Two Roma were arrested, and forensic scientists found their genetic material in four cases of theft.

According to the information, the police officer was detained and has already confessed to the crime. Two Roma were arrested and brought before a prosecutor, while a case was opened against the police officer and the mediator, but they were not arrested. ELAS has ordered an internal investigation against the cunning employee.

It should be noted that only from the end of 2019, the Greek police began to use modern, relatively well-protected radio communication systems. Prior to this, the police actively used outdated analog systems, which were easily monitored by conventional radio scanners, which repeatedly demonstrated by criminals

There were several reasons for this conservatism, starting with the explanation, they say, rats gnawed the cable, the complexity of the equipment (including the lack of the necessary specialists) and the reluctance of ordinary police officers to learn new, much more complex equipment, and high asking price for service

Editorial note:

The Sepura system was donated by the UK government to Greece in 2014 through a company established in the United States for this purpose only, as part of cooperation between the two countries in the field of information exchange and international security, but was not implemented until the end of 2019.

It is worth noting that the gentlemen gave Greece a kind of Trojan horse. Sepura has requested € 2.2 million a year for the maintenance of a system of 1,000 radio stations at a cost of € 500 per unit. Later, the price was reduced to 1.6 million, subject to the purchase of 1000 more radio stations.

It is also not worth considering the SEPURA system reliably protected, not the most expensive military radio scanner breaks it without much effort. And although such equipment is available mainly to professionals, it periodically falls into the hands of criminals or hackers

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