June 15, 2024

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Taxisnet will open today for filing tax returns

The TAXISnet tax filing platform for 2021 is expected to open during the day, Finance Minister Christos Staikuras said.

The minister noted that “unlike last year, this tax reduction (μείωση της προκαταβολής φόρου και η πρόβλεψη για τα τεκμήρια) has already been legislatively enshrined and will be automated when filling out a tax return in Taxisnet.”

Speaking on ANT1, the finance minister also spoke about tax exemptions for state compensation due to lockdown and their joint calculation in statements, and noted that “detailed explanations on tax returns were given on April 20.”

New codes and a number of changes will be introduced in this year’s tax returns, since there will be a special code for money received as a special compensation in the amount of 534 euros, as well as for property owners who have been reimbursed by the state rent (not received during the quarantine period).

The new E3 form has new codes and a special table for compensations received last year by hundreds of thousands of companies and freelancers due to the pandemic. In the tables, taxpayers will indicate all amounts received from support measures, as well as the amount of the advance refund.

In particular, professionals should indicate: special compensation, assistance provided to victims of cyclone IANOS, compensation for rental of tourist accommodation, assistance in the context of combating the consequences of COVID 19, subsidies for the supply of heating, etc.

The platform will be open for filing tax returns until August 27th. However, those who decide to apply at the last moment should be aware that by the end of August they will have to pay together the first and second installments of eight. In contrast, those who file their tax return before the end of July will pay tax in 8 installments until February. But if you pay the entire amount at once, a 3% discount on the total amount is provided.

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