June 23, 2024

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Greece: allowance up to € 1200 for adoptive parents

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Domna Mihailidou announced the payment of material assistance from 325 to 1200 euros to families who want to become foster parents.

Assistance will be provided through an electronic platform that will open on Wednesday 26/05 at 15:00. The first payment of the allowance will be made on the last working day of June, explained Ms Mihailidou.

“Each month, foster parents will receive this, I would say, small, but necessary aid from the state – from 325 to 1200 euros, automatically and digitally. And, of course, this applies not only to new adoptive parents. Starting tomorrow, we will include in the list 494 more people who have been waiting for support from the state for years, ”the deputy explained. Minister of Labor and Social Policy.

“We are introducing a bill expanding the age limit for those wishing to become foster parents. Until today, this has been allowed for citizens between the ages of 30 and 60. Taking into account the proposals of the Ombudsman, the age of adoptive parents can be extended from 25 to 75 years. Thus, many more people are given the opportunity to include a child in their family who needs support and care, ”added Ms Mihailidou.

The payi.gov.gr electronic platform will collect all information about the child. “It will also be possible to find detailed information on the types of government assistance: financial assistance, services, specific actions, structures, and consultations. Information will also be provided on how the adoption can be carried out, ”summed up Ms Mihailidou.

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