Ireland: country hospitals attacked by hackers

Irish healthcare system shut down due to hacker attack. The ransomware virus is demanding a ransom, and the data on the central servers is under threat, euronews reports.

The authorities believe that an “international criminal network” is behind the hacker attack, but experts have not yet figured out what happened. Many medical institutions had to cancel the admission of patients, some of them found themselves in a critical situation. However, the Ministry of Health assures that the vaccination process continues.

This is the second large-scale attack in recent years, after attacks a week earlier for the system of the largest pipeline in the United States. Then the responsibility for the attack was claimed by DarkSide, which, according to experts, consists of hackers from the post-Soviet space.

DarkSide is one of the most influential hacker groups, which the American media kindly calls “Robin Hoods”. Its representatives do not touch socially significant objects – schools or hospitals, preferring large corporations. As you can see, this time the hospitals were also touched. Their names are unknown, although DarkSide has its own website with details of debtors – companies that refused to pay them. Among them are the largest European and American companies, whose data for this reason became available to everyone (but not in the public domain, but for a certain amount).

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