Lamia: the doctor, when vaccinated, tried to convince citizens not to get vaccinated

An incredible incident took place at a vaccination center in Lamia. The doctor tried to dissuade citizens from getting vaccinated.

While the physician was filling out an individual questionnaire for those who came for the vaccine, she tried to convince them not to do it, telling incredible things.

The administration of the Vaccination Center was annoyed by the incident. And the situation calmed down when the doctor and director of the Lamia Health Center Elias Karageorgos arrived at the Center, who removed the doctor from his post and reassured the people.

“Yes, there was a doctor who told us that we were vaccinating” at our own peril and risk. ” There were various inappropriate jokes … This doctor works as a gynecologist in a polyclinic. She has been with us since September, a new doctor. We didn’t know that she herself was denying vaccination. At the moment, we have made more than 4,200 vaccinations, ”the director of the Lamia Medical Center said in an interview with TV channel Mega on Wednesday morning (May 12).

“This doctor was on vacation and had not been vaccinated earlier. Last week she was approved for a position at the Vaccination Center and was vaccinated. As far as I know, she did not have any side effects, ”explained Mr. Karageorgos.

“Other staff at the center informed me of the incident. What is going on in her head is incomprehensible. It is impossible to talk to her, she is on a “completely different wave”. This has never happened before, ”said the director of the Health Center Lamia Elias Karageorgos.

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