You are a bug without vaccination, but with a vaccine you are a human: privileges for the vaccinated

The country’s authorities are considering the broad opportunities available only to those who have been vaccinated. The opening of “vaccinated only” gyms will most likely serve as a guideline.

The gradual reopening of sectors of social and economic life is being carried out with cautious steps and in compliance with the rules to avoid a resumption of the pandemic and a return to quarantine measures.

A key weapon in government planning is the vaccination program, which is growing steadily thanks to the increase in the number of vaccines available. The target of 100,000 doses per day has already been met and 5.5 million doses are expected by the end of May. The platform for the 18-30 age group will open in June so that all adults can now be vaccinated. At the same time, the initial herd immunity, as epidemiologists say, will appear in the population at the beginning of summer.

Entry to events with a vaccination ticket
The acceleration of the vaccination program opens up a discussion about the possibility for those who have been vaccinated to participate in events that remain closed until today, such as concerts. In addition, you can attend milder protective indoor classes if you have been vaccinated.

Scenarios considered by the committee
Ultimately, according to experts, this is the only way to start the safe operation of businesses that operate indoors, where many people gather either for fun or for sports. The expert committee is already discussing these scenarios and is expected to present its proposals to the government in the near future, which will make the final decisions, positively assessing this possibility.

An additional argument in favor of implementing this plan is that it will be an additional incentive for those who are still hesitant to get vaccinated. The ability of the vaccinated to travel freely and participate in social events without restriction can serve as compelling evidence to even the most skeptical of people that vaccines are a key weapon to return to normal life.

Thoughts on compulsory vaccination
Obviously, those who have not been vaccinated, of course, will not be “removed from the celebration of life”, as one might imagine (although, in my opinion, this is how it is – author’s note). Especially, as the authorities note, if this is not due to the refusal of the vaccine, but because their turn has not yet come.

Therefore, any “privilege” of lifting restrictions for vaccinated people will be considered after all age groups of adults have access to the vaccine.

For those who refuse to vaccinate, special measures will be applied, especially if this is directly related to the health and safety of fellow citizens. The most typical case is vaccination of the entire medical staff, which reaches only 65% ​​(respectively, 35% are not vaccinated).

The Greek Prime Minister has already announced that discussions on the mandatory vaccination of hospital staff will begin in September, as they cannot endanger the health of patients.

It is not yet known if this will also affect other professional groups of workers.

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