The grandmother of a maniac from Nea Smirni protects her grandson

The grandmother of a 22-year-old boy, who was arrested after a complaint filed against him by a passer-by he was stalking, says her grandson “is not a bully and no one has the right to blame him.”

In particular, the day after the arrest, the young man told the police that it was just a “joke”. The detainee’s father also stands up for his son, claiming that his “child is perfect.”

In particular, the grandmother of the 22-year-old said the following: “He did nothing wrong. He had a day off that day. He was with his girlfriend. They walked the dog and returned. I protect him not because I am his grandmother, but because I know him “like a flaky one”, all the plans that he did, where he went and so on.

Since he has a girlfriend, there is no need for him to go out and do something “that”. What else can I say? Our child is now finishing his studies to become an aircraft mechanic and is working in parallel. He’s a decent man. “

We will remind, as “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, a young man who, allegedly, committed sexual acts against a young woman in Nea Smyrni, was taken to the prosecutor’s office, as his identity was established by video footage caught on a security camera.

The prosecutor is currently examining the case file opened by the police in order to make a decision. As you know, the young man is accused of sexual harassment of a passer-by. He is Greek and studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Piraeus. Strange, but he gives the impression of an educated, pleasant and sensible young man, by no means a marginal!

What happened to him, and why he began to demonstrate his “manhood” to a random passer-by, and then also persecute her, will be established by the authorities by appointing a forensic psychiatric examination … Although, perhaps, he was “just joking” without suspecting that that such an offense is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The circumstances of the case are being investigated.

Course of events

The countdown to the identification and subsequent arrest began when the girl decided to share the event that had happened to her, which scared her, on social networks.

She posted a video showing how a 22-year-old boy follows her all the way to the house (with his fly unbuttoned and bare genitals). The post received 20,000 comments and messages, which the girl posted later. Dozens of netizens then contacted her to help identify the alleged perpetrator.

According to the Greek police, the guy is not that simple. Perhaps it is he who is the wanted criminal, who in 3 similar cases did the same in the areas of Nea Smyrni, Paleo Faliro and near the Acropolis.

The information says that two cases of sexual harassment (insults) occurred in August: one in P. Faliro (against a 24-year-old woman), and the other near the Acropolis (against a 22-year-old girl). The third case concerns the sexual abuse of a 28-year-old woman in Nea Smyrni in September 2020. All three women identified him.

In the information ΕΛ.ΑΣ. it is noted that the accused works in a cafeteria in N. Smyrni and lived next to two victims in the area.

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