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Take care of your health: test for autoimmune diseases

The human immune system is designed to protect against harmful viruses and bacteria. However, sometimes there are malfunctions in its work, and the immune system begins to “fight” with its own cells of the body, perceiving them as a threat. The fight against such diseases can take a lot of money and tens of years, so doctors advise to engage in their prevention in advance. And to know for sure, it would be nice to do a diagnostic test.

Autoimmune diseases are diseases associated with a malfunction of the human immune system, which begins to perceive its own tissues as foreign and damage them. Such diseases are also called systemic, because, as a rule, the whole organ system or even the entire body is affected.

A special test (blood test) can reveal the possibility of a tendency in the human body to develop a chronic autoimmune disease, that is, “signal”. And then it will be much easier to prevent certain conditions, not allowing the disease to develop.

How is the test done

Metabolic analysis is a medical diagnostic method that can detect metabolic disorders (as a result of which diseases occur), as well as obtain accurate information about the state of human health. The fact that this test can detect the danger of any disease in the future, allows you to take the necessary steps to prevent the development of “trouble” in the human body.

What we learn about the state of our body by conducting the test Μεταβολομικές Αναλύσεις (Metabolomic Analysis):

Lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega-3 fats. Insulin resistance (a risk factor for diabetes). The body’s own ability to deal with inflammation. The ability to generate energy (to cope with a loss of strength, insomnia, to fully recover). Antioxidant indicator (the presence of free radicals that provoke serious diseases, including cancer). The state of the intestinal flora (does it need support and which one exactly). The presence of diseases resulting from the malfunctioning of the nervous system. Disorders associated with hormonal function.

The test can be taken at any diagnostic center in your area where you live.

Learn more about autoimmune diseases

Most often, autoimmune diseases develop after the body’s intense fight against infection. “Own” and “foreign” cells are intertwined so closely that the immune system ceases to distinguish between them.

The second dangerous irritant is adjuvants – substances that artificially enhance the functioning of the immune system. Among them, for example, aluminum compounds, which are added to vaccines, silicone used in plastic surgery, and regular iodine. Of course, in small doses, these substances are even useful. But before using them, it is necessary to find out if there is any oversaturation in the body. If the immune system is stimulated too much, it can also hypertrophy.

“There are a lot of adjuvants around us. They tend to enhance immune responses to reagents. If I’m a person with a normal, healthy immune system, that’s good. And if I already have irritated immunity by nature? Then it can be spurred to a critical state. Therefore, you need to be careful with vaccines and medications. I am also a categorical opponent of the bill on the iodization of all table salt in Russia. Only those who are deficient in iodine need additional iodine. But for the inhabitants of, for example, the sea coast, its shock dose, delivered to the body with iodized salt, may well harm, ”the Russian expert believes.

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