"The killers" potency: excess weight and inflammation in men

According to a study published in The Journal of Urology, the risk of testosterone deficiency is higher in obese men who regularly eat processed foods.

According to research by Qiu Shi and Zhang Chichen and their Chinese counterparts, male sausages, sausages, mayonnaise and processed fries have a high DII (dietary inflammatory index) associated with testosterone deficiency.

20-50% of men in the United States are testosterone deficient, i.e. less than 300 ng / dL. Symptoms can include decreased libido, loss of energy, poor concentration, and depression. Deficiency of this hormone is also associated with chronic diseases, including cardiovascular and obesity (including visceral obesity, the so-called “beer belly”).

As a result of studies conducted on humans and animals, scientists have found a link between testosterone deficiency and an increased level of inflammatory processes in the human body.

However, in the change in the male figure and menopause (yes, and there is one!), Not only lying on the couch or excessive love for beer and fatty foods are to blame, but also the processes going on in the endocrine organs.

Testosterone in a man’s life

Testosterone levels peak around the age of 20, when a man is active, energetic, cheerful and usually in good physical shape (no obesity).

From the age of 30, testosterone levels decrease by about 1-2% per year. The prevalence of hypogonadism (decrease in testosterone) in men is 6%, and in obesity and diabetes mellitus – more than 50%.

In contrast to the female menopause, the age-related decrease in testosterone occurs gradually, so it is not so acutely felt by men. As a rule, the first symptoms appear at the age of 50, their number grows like a “snowball”. Unsuspecting men begin to literally “fall apart before our eyes”, go to different doctors (cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, urologist), take handfuls of various drugs for numerous “clung” sores.

The trouble is that they all treat not the cause, but only the symptoms of the disease. And only competent doctors can assume the presence of age-related androgenic deficiency and recommend donating blood from a vein to determine the level of total testosterone.

Good testosterone levels

Men with high testosterone levels are more active and, one might say, successful. A drop in the level of the hormone leads to a decrease in performance, to lethargy and apathy, a decrease in interest in outdoor activities, a lack of aspirations in work and personal life, and a decrease in resistance to stress.

If more and more often there is a desire to lie down after eating, lie on the couch watching the TV and read the newspaper instead of playing sports and meeting friends, instead of outdoor activities, then these are also signs of low testosterone levels. In addition to health problems, difficulties of an intimate nature also arise: libido falls, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation occur, and infertility develops.
It is necessary to start the fight against obesity with a change in eating behavior, and not for a short time, but forever.
It is not recommended to switch to a strict diet on your own. This is a serious stress for the body. When you return to a normal diet without overeating, the body will quickly gain the lost pounds in excess. Therefore, it is best to see a doctor. He will determine the level of testosterone in your blood and will not only recommend how to eat, but also prescribe the necessary treatment.

Researchers Qiu Shi and Zhang Chichen urge further research they have begun to confirm a causal link between DII and testosterone deficiency (inflammation that causes hormone decline). Chinese scholars also claim that adherence to an anti-inflammatory diet can be a very effective method of reducing the accumulated inflammatory load, which ultimately leads to recovery and an increase in testosterone levels in a man’s body.

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