To the system "personal doctor" add narrow specialists

The innovation of the Greek healthcare system called “Personal Doctor” (Προσωπικός γιατρός) found an adequate response from citizens. The appointment of citizens to the “personal doctor”, which was previously carried out through the GOV.GR website, in hospitals or with a personal doctor, can now also be done in pharmacies, according to the announcement of the […]

The Greeks were obliged to acquire "personal doctor"

Registration of citizens in the “Personal Doctor” system begins on July 1, as provided for by the decree of the ministry, published in the “Government Gazette”, and determines the procedure for registering citizens. A personal doctor is the first point of contact of a citizen with the public health system, and provides comprehensive and ongoing […]

Sedentary lifestyle costs Greece 130 million euros a year

A study by the University of Thessaly found that a sedentary lifestyle is “costly” for Greece. As Professor Emeritus and President of the National Center (Εθνικού Κέντρου) Dr. Yiannis Kutentakis says, “The relocation of the masses from the villages to the cities and the improvement of technology have made a significant contribution to the “sedentary […]

5 foods that lower cholesterol

Eating the following foods can help you significantly lower your cholesterol levels. It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating cholesterol-raising foods. But there is probably the opposite, i.e. foods that help lower cholesterol? According to experts, changing your diet can lower your cholesterol levels. Fresh fruits, vegetables, “healthy fats” are part of a […]

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