Check if you are using sunscreen correctly

Test yourself to see how well you are using sunscreen. Here are 7 sun protection myths to keep in mind now that summer is approaching.

One of the most common mistakes most people make when it comes to facial care is to limit skin care to cleansing, moisturizing, and overnight care, while forgetting about the most important thing: protection. The sun has been proven to be the biggest enemy of our skin, and this is largely due to its premature aging, the appearance of spots and freckles, and the loss of skin radiance even at a young age. Experts point out that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to skin cancer.

Sunscreen is our strongest ally when used correctly. Most of the research done to show how people relate to the sun and protect themselves from direct sunlight shows that people either use sunscreen only in the summer, or only apply it once during the day, which is fundamentally wrong.

To prevent these mistakes and their consequences, as well as to learn how to use sunscreen, read all the myths associated with sunscreen.

Myth # 1. Sunscreen should be applied half an hour before leaving the house. Information that you probably heard from time to time, but still it is a myth. Research shows that sunscreen protects against UV rays from the first minutes of use, so you don’t need to apply it much earlier (it loses its effectiveness over time). After the first 10 minutes of application, it becomes fully effective.

Myth # 2. We only wear sunscreen when we go to the beach. In no case. The sun finds us everywhere: on the street, in the car, on the terrace, even in our house. The blue light emitted from the screens of the electrical appliances we use accelerates skin aging, and sunscreen is essential for our protection.

Myth No. 3. With the help of a one-time application of the cream, we protect ourselves for the whole day. For sunscreen to be effective, it needs to be reapplied every two hours and every time we get out of the water. This even applies to water-repellent creams.

Myth # 4. If we use high SPI sunscreen, we can sit in the sun longer. Not. When applying sunscreen, you must be careful to thoroughly cover every part of your face without leaving any “gaps”.

Myth # 5. If we don’t sunbathe when we sit in the sun, we don’t need sunscreen. You don’t have to wait for your body to “complain to you” and ask for sunscreen. Skin damage occurs from the first moment of exposure to the sun and continues even if it does not appear immediately. Exposure to the sun gives us vitamin D. Yes, vitamin D is essential, but that doesn’t justify uncontrolled sun exposure. To get this vitamin properly, day, skin color, amount of sunlight and time of year are important.

Myth # 6. If we wear sunscreen, we don’t tan. Using sunscreen doesn’t stop us from getting a golden tan. Instead, it promotes a smooth and natural tan while avoiding sunburn and skin redness.

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