Former Greek Defense Minister visits Serbia for Sputnik V vaccination

Panos Kammenos, the Greek ex-Minister of National Defense, was inoculated with the Russian Sputnik V in Serbia, RIA Novosti reported.

Former Minister of National Defense of Greece Panos Kammenos traveled to Serbia to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. The leader of the center-right party, Independent Greeks, wrote on his return from a trip:

I thank the Serb brothers who, together with hundreds of thousands of foreigners, gave me the opportunity to regain my freedom. Here life has returned, everything is open, everyone is vaccinated … and in 10 days “Sputnik” will be produced, while our media intimidate (people).

Panos Kammenos served as Minister of National Defense in the coalition government, along with the radical left SYRIZA, from 2015 to 2019 and left the government to protest the Prespani Accords. The agreement was intended to resolve a decades-long dispute over the name of Macedonia, the former Yugoslav republic. The agreement drew criticism both in Greece and in Macedonia.

Not only the “powerful of this world”, but also ordinary Greeks are sent to neighboring Serbia for vaccination against COVID-19. website. notes:

The fastest and most effective solution is chosen by many Greeks who travel to neighboring Serbia to get the COVID-19 vaccine without having to wait for a vaccination platform in Greece to open. Vaccination tourism is a phenomenon that has been reported in recent months and is very popular in countries such as Turkey and Italy, while Serbia, Russia, Cyprus and Dubai are popular destinations. Many travel agencies offer vaccination travel in a mix of business and pleasure.

In the last month alone, more than fifty Greek citizens have visited the central hotel in Belgrade for the purpose of vaccinations. Serbia has purchased 15 million vaccines out of a population of 7 million. The resulting surplus, the Serbian authorities decided to allocate to neighboring states and citizens of third countries.

The Sputnik V vaccine has been approved in 60 countries. In terms of the number of approvals received from state regulators, the Russian drug ranks second in the world.

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