Thieves caught stealing catalysts from cars

Criminals who stole catalysts from parked cars in Thessaloniki have been caught.

Lovers of profit at someone else’s expense rolled car parts from vehicles in the areas of Pylaya, Nea Efkarpia and Chalcedon in Thessaloniki. Two people, members of a criminal group, were arrested by the police. According to preliminary data, at least 10 catalysts have been “rolled” in four days. This means that 10 cars have been raked!

With regard to those arrested, who are 41 and 26 years old, law enforcement agencies have opened a case, and their accomplices are on the wanted list.

As you know, automotive catalytic converters are a very valuable “commodity”.

It is in them that precious metals are contained, which is why robbers chase after them to enrich themselves.

The two key components found in the catalyst are silver and palladium. On the black market, a kilogram of silver costs about 500 euros (can be obtained from 100 catalysts, according to

As for palladium, its cost per kilogram is much lower, ranging from 50 to 70 euros per kilogram. About 10-12 kg of palladium can be obtained from 100 catalysts.

Another metal used in catalyst construction is rhodium. Special feature: its kilogram costs more than 300,000 euros. The “job” of rhodium is to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. It is a rare chemical element that has a very high value, but the amount used in each catalyst is negligible. For example, out of 100 catalysts, you can get only one gram.

The value of everything that contains an automobile catalyst is quite great. Therefore, criminals are constantly developing operations to steal this type of spare parts.

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