February 8, 2023

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Robbers arrested for stealing houses in East Attica

By order of the prosecutor’s office, photographs and personal data were released on nine people accused of systematic robberies and burglaries from homes in East Attica.

The criminal group was distinguished by a clear organized structure with a distribution of roles (gunners, drivers, thieves), which operated strictly within the hierarchy and were in contact with each other almost daily.

The two defendants, brothers, acted as leaders and were responsible for “business planning” to carry out criminal tasks.

As for the method of action, mainly in the morning and at noon, the members of the criminal organization drove around in “official” cars, in groups of at least 3 people, to monitor the houses looked after for the robbery.

Then, discovering the absence of the owners (whose daily routine had already been previously clarified), they proceeded to break into and penetrate the dwelling.

By neutralizing alarms and other existing security measures, they broke into the house, mainly through the main entrances, balcony doors or windows. When conditions demanded, criminals climbed onto terraces or balconies (no worse than rock climbers!). Then they ransacked all the premises and took away money, jewelry, electronics and other valuables.

In cases when members of a criminal group entered houses and found that there were masters or servants, they threatened them verbally or with weapons, immobilized them and still “brought the matter to an end.”

In addition, it was established that in some cases a person stood “on the watch” in front of the house, who in case of danger gave a signal.

The investigation showed that members of the criminal group committed a total of 43 thefts and 4 robberies in houses located in different areas of East Attica in the above ways.

According to preliminary estimates, the robbers enriched themselves in excess of 500,000 euros.

After the search in the houses of the accused, jewelry, watches, mobile phones, electronic devices worth 300 euros and 6 cars were found and seized.

A criminal case was initiated against these persons on charges of creating and participating in a criminal organization, robbery, theft and violation of the Weapons Law, as well as money laundering and the sale of stolen goods.

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