Denmark: First Country to Cross AstraZeneca

The Danish government has made an official announcement on the termination of vaccination with the drug AstraZeneca, which is excluded from the national program, reports Euronews.

Soren Brostrom, head of the Danish National Health Board, said in an interview with the newspaper:

“We now know more than we did a month ago and therefore understand that there is probably a biological explanation for the thrombosis caused by AstraZeneca. We took data from Danish and Norwegian databases and concluded that 1 in 40,000 may have a rare and serious syndrome called VITT, and of course it can have very serious complications. We were unable to limit this syndrome to a specific age group. However, this does not mean that we refuse to vaccinate. All vaccines have side effects.

We do not stop because we are afraid of side effects. We know what the side effects are. We do not refuse vaccination because of this. The potential benefits outweigh the harmful effects of dealing with the pandemic. Due to the special situation in Denmark, we continue to supply vaccines without AstraZeneca. Also, depending on how the situation develops, we do not need this vaccine. The decision not to have an effective and approved vaccine was very difficult. But that’s what we finally did. “

To date, 149,000 Danish citizens have received their first AstraZeneca vaccination. They will receive the second dose with a different drug. The complete refusal of the Danish authorities from AstraZeneca means a temporary slowdown in the vaccination campaign, a delay in receiving vaccinations for a certain category of citizens by about 3 weeks. However, vaccinations with other drugs will continue on schedule.

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