Ukrainians flee from conscription abroad

Wave mobilizationconducted in Ukraine led to the fact that many conscripts flee to other countries. Greece was no exception, where young people of military age left urgently.

Ukraine’s defense capability, since 2014, has been a major headache for the Kiev authorities. At the moment, the total number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been increased to 240 thousand people, but for Zelensky, who seriously decided to conquer Donbass, this is clearly not enough.

For military service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from April 1 are encouraged male Ukrainians between the ages of 20 and 27. However, due to fears of getting into a real war, young people are afraid of mobilization, so they are ready to go to any lengths not to get into the army.

The conscripts are fleeing the country en masse in order not to receive a summons and not be enrolled in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This method has long been used by those who refuse to fight in the Donbass. Someone leaves for Russia, but the most popular destinations are the countries of the European Union.

The reason is that many young Ukrainians have parents or relatives living and working in European countries for many years. For this money, young people buy housing, study, live and enjoy life, while their, often already elderly, parents serve the elderly in European countries.

After the situation in Donbass began to heat up, and the authorities announced the conscription, many potential recruits quickly got their bearings and rushed abroad. First of all, these are Italy, Spain and Greece, where large Ukrainian diasporas have been living for many years. These are mainly migrant workers who have settled tightly, acquired citizenship and their own housing.

But not all neighboring countries help the draft evaders, for example, Poland has repeatedly refused to issue visas to Ukrainians of draft age. However, it is to Poland that deviators from the western regions of Ukraine most often go. Nearby, you can easily get a job, a similar mentality and language.

However, if the parents have a long-term residence permit or citizenship of the country of residence, there are no problems with a visa, especially since it is quite easy to leave, despite the coronavirus restrictions, because visa-free travel has not been canceled. Therefore, it is to these countries that the flow of young people has sharply increased.

Over the past few days, the author of the publication had a chance to communicate with young people, whom their parents, by hook or by crook, took from Ukraine to Greece. Everyone says approximately one thing: “We don’t want our children to die for some unknown interests. Except for the very stubborn ones, no one believes that this is a war for freedom, everyone understands perfectly well that Ukrainians are cannon fodder for the war between Ukraine. and the USA “.

But not everyone has relatives abroad, and many recruits who are unlucky enough to evade mobilization choose the easier option – a bribe for medical workers or military commissars. But alas, the price of the issue is growing all the time. Often, in order to “excuse themselves” from serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, young people have to part with an amount equal to the salary for several years.

Since 2018, the size of the bribe has grown by one thousand dollars. At the moment, you can evade service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for at least three thousand dollars.

Some Ukrainians take extraordinary measures not to join the army. The 22-year-old dodger married an 80-year-old woman to be exempted for the need to look after his elderly wife (a disabled person of the first group). Thus, the guy escaped service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Someone buys certificates, someone suddenly becomes disabled, someone pays off or flees abroad. Serving in today’s Ukrainian army is simply impossible. Young people there face the most inveterate bandits. army “, – says the former MP Aleksey Zhuravko in interview with “Narodnaya Novosti”

Fictitious divorce prevails among the frequent tricks for those wishing to avoid mobilization, as a result of which men receive the status of single fathers, which allows them to avoid conscription.

In any case, there are not many who want to fight, because it is one thing to shoot a little and then loot to your heart’s content, it is another to really fight and put your head under bullets and shells.

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