December 10, 2023

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Corinth Canal has been closed for three months

The Corinth Canal remains closed for three months. The problem to be covered in the news bulletins is artificially hushed up.

It is interesting that the problem of the congestion in the Suez Canal was covered by literally all the news publications, but about their own problems – “no gu-gu”.

The question is that the Corinth Canal continues to be inactive, and employees are in a panic: when they will be paid and how. Recall that the problem began on January 15 with the collapse of the slopes that occurred on the Isthmus of Corinth, which led to the closure of the canal, since the passage of ships was deemed dangerous.

To this day, the channel remains closed. Despite the enormous consequences for the Greek merchant shipping caused by the stoppage of ships passing through the canal, this issue remains “out of the question”, a kind of taboo for TV and the media. This is the first time this has been observed in many decades!

In addition, on the one hand, there is a risk that 90 employees will stop receiving payments. On the other hand, the cost of transporting goods and fuel increases as ships now have to move around the Peloponnese, as it has become impossible to pass directly through the Corinth Canal.

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