The Greek comes from Nisyros on the Forbes list – how they become billionaires

The only Greek who is among the 400 richest Americans on the Forbes list is John Katsimatidis, born in Nisyros, a businessman, billionaire and host of his own radio show. Forbes, which recently published a list of the 400 richest Americans for 2021, posted the following message: “It has been a difficult year for many, […]

Sassoli: expulsion of 10 ambassadors from Turkey is a sign of authoritarianism – we cannot be intimidated

The release of Osman Kavala was demanded by the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, stressing that expelling 10 ambassadors from Turkey is a sign of a turn towards authoritarianism on the part of the Turkish government. The expulsion of ten ambassadors is a sign of the authoritarian drift of the Turkish government. We […]

Labor: who works the most?

“We spend a third of our lives at work.” This phrase is often used in articles and at conferences. However, the number of working hours varies from country to country, and 40-hour workweeks are not the norm for everyone. The International Labor Organization analyzed the working day in 100 countries, and here’s what happened.Obviously, the […]

How often can you get sick with coronavirus

Scientists have determined the approximate frequency of re-infection with coronavirus and told what factors increase the risk of meeting with it regularly. According to The Guardian, the study was carried out by Danish scientists and specialists from the Yale University School of Medicine (USA), using available data on infections and incidence from the beginning of […]

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