Turkish Foreign Ministry: Ankara sees no prerequisites for approving NATO applications from Finland and Sweden

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that there was no “progress” on the way of Sweden and Finland to NATO. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that the NATO requirements and agreements on the extradition of “Kurdish terrorists” to Turkey were not fulfilled. As writes Daily Sabah, Ankara does not see “concrete actions” needed […]

Elasona: walked, walked and found… a skeleton

A resident of Elasona went for a walk on Wednesday afternoon, not even suspecting what a terrible find awaits him. Walking among the bushes near Verdicusia, at about 19 o’clock, the man suddenly saw human bones under his feet, writes elassona884.gr. The police and a special team immediately arrived at the scene of the incident […]

Former Greek intelligence officer accuses Mitsotakis

The letter from a former employee of the Greek national intelligence service destroys the entire government narrative of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, according to which the prime minister was “unaware” of the surveillance of PASOK-KINAL president Nikos Androulakis and all the activities of the service. An employee who was transferred to the police precisely because she complained […]

Poured acid on ex-wife

A 50-year-old man ambushed his 49-year-old ex-wife and doused her with hydrochloric acid. The victim received severe burns to one eye and was hospitalized. The attack took place in Messini, in the western Peloponnese, as the victim was on his way to work early Wednesday morning. The offender approached the woman and tried to press […]

Albanians moved hashish cultivation to Greece due to covid

Albanian drug traffickers have moved hashish cultivation to Greece due to restrictive measures against the coronavirus, offering producers a “salary” of 30,000 euros and some production as a bonus. According to an investigation by the prosecutor’s office’s anti-narcotics unit, members of criminal groups from Albania have moved hemp cultivation to the Greek mountains (file photo […]

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