US sells F-16s to Turkey

The Turkish president will be able to modernize the fleet of F-16s after the veto is lifted by Finland and Sweden, said Celeste Wallander, US assistant secretary of defense. Erdogan bargained for a long time, but still managed persuade NATO go on its terms on acceptance of Finland and Sweden to the military bloc. He […]

Ottomans – Kurds, Vikings – NATO

Erdogan bent the Americans and the Brits to convince Sweden and Finland to stop any support for Kurdish organizations like the PKK, YPG and FËTO, with which Turkey has a protracted conflict. Now the way for Scandinavians to join NATO is open. Erdogan knows how to push through his interests, not embarrassed to use either […]

ID card and driver’s license on mobile since July

Identity card and driver’s license on a mobile phone will “appear” from July, Digital Government Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis said. Along with the bill, which will be presented to parliament next month, a regulatory framework for new technologies will be introduced, including artificial intelligence and blockchain (blockchain, το internet of things). The Minister made this statement […]

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