Greece rejects Turkish claims that “S-300 radar was aimed at Turkish F-16”

On Sunday, Greece denied Turkey’s claims that the S-300 air defense system’s radar spotted Turkish F-16s in the Aegean. The incident allegedly took place on August 23, Ankara said. Citing sources in the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the news agency Anadolu reported that “Turkish F-16 fighters were harassed by the Russian-made S-300 Greek air defense […]

US Department of State Greece and Turkey: "Be kind to each other"

The US State Department has taken a neutral stance over the recent massive overflights by Turkish fighter jets over the uninhabited and inhabited, small and large Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Asked by a journalist about how these actions affect the stability of NATO, State Department spokesman Ned Price said: “We call on all […]

The State Department “covers” Turkish flights over the territory of Greece

The State Department has once again chosen the policy of “Pontius Pilate”, which, in fact, is a kind of discriminatory neutrality in favor of Turkey, according to the authors of the Greek publication DefenseNet. When asked by an American journalist about how much the United States is concerned about Turkish overflights over the Greek islands, […]

Turkish fighter jets flew into Greek territory near Alexandroupoli

An unprecedented violation of Greek national sovereignty occurred on Friday as Turkish fighter jets flew within 2.5 nautical miles of the port city of Alexandroupolis in northeastern Greece. The Greek Foreign Ministry immediately issued a scathing statement condemning the “clear escalation of Turkish provocations.” Greek Foreign Ministry statement “We condemn in the strongest terms the […]

Dendias: “Modernization of Turkish arsenals with the help of the United States is a problem for Greece”

“Modernizing Turkish weapons with the help of the United States is a problem,” Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said Thursday in Parliament during discussions on the Greek-US Mutual Defense Agreement, which is due to be ratified today. As we reported earlier, the Biden administration is asking Congress to approve the modernization of the Turkish F-16 […]

The Greek Ministry of Defense stated that the activation of Greek air defense in the Aegean Sea was … an exercise

The reaction of Greece to the mass violations of Turkish airspace and the activation of air defense in the Aegean Sea was very prompt, but everything ended in a very peculiar way. It is reported that in the afternoon of April 28, by order of the Ministry of Defense and the leadership of the General […]