US Department of State Greece and Turkey: "Be kind to each other"

The US State Department has taken a neutral stance over the recent massive overflights by Turkish fighter jets over the uninhabited and inhabited, small and large Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

Asked by a journalist about how these actions affect the stability of NATO, State Department spokesman Ned Price said:

“We call on all countries to respect the sovereign airspace of other countries and to operate state-owned aircraft with due regard to the safety of navigation of civilian aircraft. Where there is disagreement over the boundaries of a country’s territorial airspace, we call for coordination and discussion, rather than provocative actions that could lead to fatal accidents. In principle, we call on all states to resolve the issues of maritime delimitation peacefully and in accordance with international law.”

PS This is the famous “equal distance policy” of the US when it comes to NATO partners, to whom the US likes to sell fighter jets, missiles and whatever else they need during times of tension even between neighboring countries. Doing everything possible to ensure that this confrontation continues indefinitely.

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