The fair value of each property in the electronic application

The Ministry of Finance has posted a special online platform for determining zonal property prices, located in Greece, as part of an objective system for calculating the value of property. The calculation is used for sales and purchases, inheritance (valuations) and ENFIA tax rates. You can directly access the platform ( taking into account the […]

Eurovision: Italy became the winner of the international competition

Maneskin from Italy with a hard rock song Zitti e Buoni won the Eurovision 2021 competition held in Rotterdam. The results of the vote by the national jury and spectators were announced on the night of Sunday 23 May. This is the first victory of Italy after 1990; in total, in the history of the […]

How should a child be able to count to first grade?

Math skills are the foundation of all math and come in very handy. Counting is a basic skill that all children must have before going to school. In fact, it is quite difficult for most children to learn numbers, their order, and count without any outside help. From infancy, children develop a base of skills, […]

What kind of diabetes care is required?

The need to care for a patient with diabetes can arise in different situations, and even with those who are usually able to perform all the procedures on their own, but simply do not feel well. There is nursing care provided by professionals and home care by the patient’s relatives or caregivers. A very important […]

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