July 19, 2024

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Which areas of Athens are the most expensive to buy a house in – examples with prices

The center of the capital, as well as the southern and northern suburbs, remain the most expensive areas of Athens.

Despite rising property prices, these areas continue to experience increased demand from both Greek and foreign buyers with high income criteria. But which areas exactly have the highest sales prices? Where do prices fluctuate?

According to Prosperty, an integrated platform for buying, selling and renting property, the most expensive areas of Athens based on price per square meter (euro/m²) and average property size (m²) in each area:

  • The area with the highest price per square meter is Vouliagmeni: 5527.80 euros/m², and the average property size is 203.87 m².
  • It is followed by Voula (EUR 4,935.63/m², 212.02 m²) and Glyfada (EUR 4,723.01/m², 148.86 m²).
  • Alimos, Kolonaki – Lykabettos range from 4491.90 euros/m² to 4597.46 euros/m².
  • In the areas of Filothea, Psychiko and Vari-Varkiza, prices per square meter range from 4176.65 euros/m² to 4299.99 euros/m².

Property prices and sizes vary depending on the decade of construction, according to certified data.

Numbers by decade

Vouliagmeni: properties built from 2014 to 2026 have the highest price – 6819.34 euros/m² with an average area of ​​216.71 m². Prices are gradually coming down as we move into the past.: in the period 2004-2014 they amounted to 6274.01 euros/m² for larger properties (307 m²). The price per square meter for properties built before 1985 is 5559.96 euros/m², but these properties are smaller in size – only 102.20 m².
Voula: The latest properties (2014–2026) have a price of 6065.85 euros/m² and an average area of ​​169.76 m². In previous decades, prices ranged from €4071.40/m² to €4464.94/m², while property sizes were larger, with an average size of 286.20 m² for the period 2004-2014.

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