April 24, 2024

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More than a million signatures for lifting parliamentary immunity

More than 1 million signatures have been collected on a petition initiated by Maria Karystianu, a mother who lost her 20-year-old daughter in Tempi and is fighting to bring to justice government and official officials responsible for that night’s disaster.

Thousands of people demonstrated across the country today on the dark anniversary of the Tempie massacre, demanding justice, while signatures on change.org grow.


Today alone, 175 thousand votes have been collected.

Citizens are calling for the parliamentary immunity of guilty MPs to be lifted and are signing up to prevent the truth from being buried in darkness.

Ms. Karystianu proves that the person who ordered the blocking [расследования], is now a deputy minister under the prime minister, and so far no one has arrested him. Do you understand why he disappeared from the media’s radar for a year?

Let us recall that in her address Maria Karystianu notes:

“Citizens of Greece demand that the parliament begin procedures to revise the constitution and reinvigorate the law on ministerial responsibility, as well as the abolition of parliamentary immunity when criminal liability arises for political figures. The impunity of politicians does not correspond to either morality or democracy – the virtues of which we are proud! During the procedure, you will be asked to deposit a sum of money, which is optional and does not concern the association “Τέμπη 2023”, but the platform on which the petition is posted. Instead of depositing money, choose notification with confirmation email to ensure your signature is valid.”

You can vote Here.

PS And although the likelihood is that Kyriakos Mitsotakis will not react to this is a voteit can significantly damage the position of his party and will be used to the maximum by the opposition.

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