June 22, 2024

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Transformation of the global food system in the EU

Food safety and security are essential components of a sustainable future.

The European Union, undergoing a profound transformation driven by pressing challenges such as population growth, climate change and resource scarcity, has decided to implement a program aimed at changing the way food is produced and consumed in Europe.

The plan aims to reduce the environmental impact of production facilities, while simultaneously and continuously ensuring healthy and affordable food on the tables of citizens, including future generations.

When developing the Secure Food program, we took into account the fact that the agri-food sector has a significant impact on the environmentbecause the one third of global greenhouse gas emissions accounts for food production.

While food safety refers to measures taken to ensure that food is free from contamination and safe for consumption, food security means availability and accessibility of sufficient and nutritious food at all times.

Ensuring the food we eat is safe and we have access to a reliable food supply is essential to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which include ending hunger and poverty, providing clean water, promoting sustainable land use, mitigating climate change and maintaining sustainable life on land and in water.

Currently, this strategy has become a priority for EU and is characterized as “reducing environmental impact until 2050”, and the European Green Deal, which also includes the agri-food sector (Farm to Plate strategy).

As part of this policy, the EU is funding programs such as Secure Food, which aims to create a food system from production to consumption so that the supply chain is more resilient, able to respond to likely future crises.

In particular, Secure Food will identify in real time the risks, obstacles and weaknesses of various sectors in the food production and supply chain, and propose appropriate measures and adaptations to improve their resilience and ensure their smooth operation in both the short and long term.

This will be possible thanks to digital platform, a “double” of the real one, which will be created after studying, analyzing and obtaining knowledge about specific eventssuch as, for example, regarding grain production in Ukraine (supplies were affected by the ongoing military operations there).

Focused on evolving scientific knowledge, Secure Food promotes cooperation between manufacturers, industries, retailers, consumers and transporters for applying innovative tools to solve problems related to food sufficiency.

The project, which started in January 2024, involves 35 partners from different parts of the food supply chain across Europe. The duration of the transformation is three and a half years, until June 2027.

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