Seismologist: possible megatsunami from Tonga volcano

According to seismologist professor Efthymis Lekkas, he leaves open the possibility of a megatsunami due to continued volcanic activity in Tonga. In particular, Professor of Disaster Management ( Διαχείρισης Φυσικών Καταστροφών) Efthimis Lekkas, based on field research conducted by him on the Krakatoa volcano, belonging to the same geotectonic fault, in December 2018 emphasized the […]

Spectacular underwater volcano eruption

An undersea volcano erupted in Tonga today, sending tsunami warnings to several South Pacific island nations, and images of waves crashing into residents’ homes were posted on social media. Tsunamis were observed in the capitals of Tonga and American Samoa, according to the US Tsunami Warning Center. The eruption at 06:10 Greek time of the […]

Italy: Mount Etna erupts in Sicily. Video

Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, erupted on Wednesday July 14 on the Italian island of Sicily, ANSA reports. After the ejection of lava, the ash cloud near Catania reached an altitude of 6,000 meters. Scientists at the Institute of Volcanology INGV (Italy) believe that this is the final manifestation of volcanic activity, which […]

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