Parents in Rhodes convicted and fined for not letting their child go to school

A 35-year-old man and his 33-year-old wife were sentenced by a Rhodes court to 14 months of probation and fined 3,000 euros each for not sending their 8-year-old child to primary school due to the pandemic.

The parents were detained on February 11 and by February 14 they were convicted for violating the law on compulsory attendance at kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

They stated that they did not send the child to school due to the mandatory use of a mask, rapid tests and a Covid-19 vaccine. The couple also have a second child, aged 6, who also does not attend classes.

After the arrest, they promised to allow both children to return to school and stated that they had already taken the necessary measures required by the educational institution.

reportedthat another parent, a father, was arrested in Rhodes on Monday for not sending his child to school due to the pandemic. He is due to be tried next Thursday.

In November, in Northern Greece, a court ruled decision on punishment families from the village of Serres. The father appeared on Mega TV, saying that his four children are not attending classes due to measures to combat coronavirus. He claimed that he sent the children to school, but because of the measures taken, the teachers did not let them into the premises.

Teachers “torture” his children by forcing them to wear masks, and the necessary “self-examinations are carried out without their consent,” the father said. He further argued that the measures were a violation of the “fundamental rights” of children and were “unconstitutional”.

It appears that this is the second school year that the children, two of them in elementary school and two in high school, are not attending classes and are at risk of missing the school year due to the high number of reported absences. The father claimed to have hired private tutors to teach them in order to study at home.

In the suburb of Thermi in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, father student was arrested after pushing the principal away and preventing other children from entering the school due to his son not being allowed inside because he failed to do a self-test. The director called the police, who removed the enraged 37-year-old man. He was later arrested on charges of seriously disrupting the public service and insulting a director.

It is worth noting that not all parents are waiting for the trial, some are proactive, suing schools where “children are tortured with masks.”

As we reported earlier, parents of children from a kindergarten and primary school in Pyrgos in the south of the Peloponnese filed lawsuits against three teachers who did not allow students to enter the school and attend classes without a mask and self-examination, as required by law.

And in the city of Eginio, in northern Greece, people dressed in police uniforms with “Guardians of the Constitution” stripes captured the headmaster of the school and “rolled” him around the city for some time, eventually taking him to the police station, allegedly for “violation of the constitution”. They asked officers to arrest the principal, saying he “tortured their children” by forcing them to “wear masks” and “take self-tests” and asked the police to “oblige the school to stop this child abuse.”

However, the police officers did not understand the “noble” aspirations of the “guardians”, detained the “kidnappers” and sent them to the police station in the city of Katerini, and the school principal was taken to the nearest clinic with minor injuries and in a state of shock.

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