June 22, 2024

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Weather: The mercury will rise to 36°C in the next few days

Temperatures will rise in Greece over the next few days, with meteorologists predicting the first wave of hot weather this year.

Temperatures will reach 36°C in some geographic areas from next Sunday to Wednesday. According to EMY director Theodoris Kolidas:

“Although there are still some differences between the forecast data, at the same time there are many points where opinions converge. So, we can talk about a gradual increase in temperature starting from Sunday, with a general weakening of the wind. Sea breezes will favor coastal areas. The warmth will last until next Wednesday. Temperature ranges will be described until next Monday, when the atmospheric forecast will be good. Tuesday and Wednesday will be reviewed over the next few days.”

“A comparison of temperatures at 850hPa is presented in a table, followed by a video showing the changes based on the ECMWF and GFS models.

Highest temperatures:

1. Saturday: 32-33 and locally in the east 34°C
2. Sunday: from 32 to 34 and in some places 35°C
3. Monday: from 34 to 35°C on the mainland from Thessaly and further south, in some places 36°C.”

Weather changes since Thursday

Today, Thursday, several continental areas experienced localized showers and thunderstorms during the midday and afternoon. On Friday, instability will be limited to eastern Macedonia and Thrace, with warm weather expected from the weekend, with temperatures gradually rising. The first week of summer will be a period with temperatures above normal. Increased heat is forecast until the middle of next week. On Sunday the temperature on the mainland will reach 33-35°C. On Monday and Tuesday the temperature will rise a little more, and in Athens the thermometer will reach 35-36°C.

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