June 22, 2024

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Evia: Cannabis plantation with 1,061 seedlings discovered – four arrests

The Pyrgos anti-narcotics department identified an organized cannabis plantation in the mountainous region of Manikia, Evia, where 1,061 seedlings were grown.

In particular, the police arrested four men aged 51, 45, 37 and 36 years old, and the illegal property benefit from the cultivation and trade of cannabis seedlings, according to the police, will amount to 1 million euros.

The identification of the plantation was carried out after an assessment of data collected by the police, and as it turned out during the preliminary investigation, those arrested – including two leading members – created a criminal organization that was engaged in the cultivation of cannabis. They were charged with organizing the cultivation of cannabis seedlings, supplying and transporting equipment and materials through their accomplices to the site of the hashish plantation, and caring for the seedlings. At the same time, one of the arrested, in order not to arouse suspicion of his illegal activities, transported members of the criminal organization and the materials they provided in a car belonging to the security company for which he worked.

Food, clothing and shoes, scattered tools, irrigation equipment, fertilizers and other items used for growing hemp were found on the plantation, and during searches carried out in the houses of those arrested, 1,500 hemp seeds, a large number of mobile phones and mobile phone cards were discovered .

Those arrested will be brought to the prosecutor of Chalkida, while police from the Pyrgos anti-narcotics department continue to investigate the case. Footage from the plantation:

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