10% of Athenians use cannabis, sewage analysis shows

Every tenth inhabitant of Attica smokes cannabis, in most cases – poor quality. Cannabis is the most popular substance in the drug category, whether we are talking about “hard” or “soft”. This was confirmed by Nikos Tomaidis, Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at EKPA, in an interview with Stavros Theodorakis, speaking on the […]

Every tenth in Attica smokes marijuana, every hundred uses cocaine

Wastewater analysis determines not only the presence of coronavirus. This method helps to find out what percentage of the Greek population uses illegal substances. Presented by EKPA Professor of Analytical Chemistry Nikos Tomaidis, the results of an analysis of wastewater show: 10% of the Greek population smokes low-grade marijuana, and every hundredth prefers cocaine, the […]

BBC: if you want to be a good mom, do drugs

In recent years, we have seen in liberal society a large-scale attack on Christianity, the traditional family, and even the very concept of male and female sex. Imposition of LGBT ideology, popularization of gender reassignment (even among children), “self-identification” of gender, etc. Now we are seeing another “trick” – the creation of a positive image […]

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