Euboea: hope for a renaissance

The hope for the revival of the forests of the island of Evia, which suffered from fires, was given by young green growth against a black background. On the surface of the fire-charred land of Evia, new sprouts confidently make their way. Last year’s fires led to the loss of about a third of all […]

The film that won the Palme d’Or at Cannes was filmed on the island of Evia

On May 28, the solemn closing ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival took place, during which all the winners were announced. Swedish director Ruben Östlund received a second Palme d’Or for Triangle of Sorrow. This is a satirical drama about the world of powerful and super-rich people obsessed with money, pleasure and their appearance. […]

Evia’s nightmare is back: big disasters, flooded houses and destroyed roads

Residents of North Evia are experiencing a disaster: the cyclone “Athena” harshly walked through its territory, destroying everything around. Heavy rains hit already ravaged Evia, causing massive damage several months after the massive fires that engulfed it. Roads turned into rivers, the asphalt pavement deteriorated and was partially demolished at sea. In the Mantudi area, […]

Unexpected tavern visitor

An unexpected guest visited one of the taverns located in the region of Northern Evia. A wild boar, in search of food, “looked at the light.” Recently, there have been more cases when wild boars walk around villages and cities. Something similar happened in a tavern in the village of Prokopi on Sunday afternoon. While […]

Heartbreaking photos: understanding life

Photos from the fire in Evia, taken against the oppressive background of a fire blazing on the horizon, clouds of smoke and local residents, depicted on their faces with despair and agony, fly around the Internet, becoming the chronicle of a monstrous disaster. Some of the photos are really shocking. This is not one or […]

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